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About Amun Brown

Born in May Pen, Clarendon, Jamaica, Amun Brown travelled extensively throughout his entire life in the search of professional excellence and spiritual ascension.

Professional excellence

Being a highly trained and sought after project management specialist, Amun Brown earned his Associate of Business Administration degree at the Northern Caribbean University in Jamaica, his Bachelor of Business Administration degree at Andrews University in Michigan and his Master of Management degree at the University of Phoenix in Maryland. After his studies he also earned several project management and IT related certificates like the PMP from the Project Management Institute.

During the 29 years of proven professional success, Amun Brown acted as a project manager or project management consultant, working for federal, state and local government agencies and utilities like DC Water, Washington Suburban Sanitation Commission and DC Department of Transportation (DOT). Besides the state projects, Amun Brown also managed large projects for private companies and several Fortune 500 companies like the Chrysler Corporation, Shell Petroleum and Lockheed Martin, receiving professional recognition and credentials for his work.

The journey through the world of spirituality

Amun Brown started his journey through the world of spirituality in the mid 70’s, at the age of 16 by learning and practicing transcendental meditation in Montreal for three years. The next 10 years were spent learning and getting proficient at practicing Kriya Kundalini under Paramahansa Yogananda’s Self-Realization Fellowship.

Amun Brown spent the next 20 years learning and practicing the spiritual teachings and exercises of Eckankar. Then he was chosen by high initiates to teach the knowledge to the new spiritual students.

Upon leaving Eckankar, Brown joined The Way of Truth spiritual organisation as a low level initiate and rose to the level of president. During 2004-2008 he travelled extensively throughout the USA, Europe and Africa to hold over 59 workshops teaching the spiritual high level technologies of The Way of Truth. Being a high initiate, Amun had access to the esoteric teachings of The Way of Truth hidden from the normal members and the public.

Above presented experiences Brown is also experienced in Karuna Reiki, EMF Balancing Technique ®, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) ®, Non Touch Pranic Healing and a certified practitioner for Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) ®, Quantum Touch®, The Reconnection® and Reconnective Healing ®.

In 2009 Amun Brown read the book “The Flower of Life” written by Drunvalo Melchizedek, fell in love with Drunvalo’s teachings and became one of the first 30 approved and trained teachers of Drunvalo’s Awakening The Illuminated Heart / Merkaba Activation Workshop. After practicing and teaching Drunvalo’s techniques, Amun decided in the summer of 2012 to leave his successful project management consultancy company and pursue his lifelong passion for spirituality and teaching other people to help themselves live the life they desire.

Personal recommendations

“Amun is a GIFTED Healer & Teacher as he generously holds space for individuals to find the trust within themselves and honor their own inner wisdom. His kindness, purity and honesty empowers students to be the greatest teachers they can be. I had the privilege to experience Brown’s teaching at Illuminating the Heart Workshop and I would highly recommend others to experience the gift that he brings into a setting with his wisdom.”

Honi Borden / (Author | Speaker | Healer)

“It was my good fortune to be present when Amun Brown took part in the ATIH Teacher Training. Having been asked to ‘sit-in’ on that training as an objective observer, I knew right away that he would be one of the ones who would be chosen to teach this work. What struck me most about Amun was his authenticity, his intelligence. and his sense of compassion. Anyone who decides to do the ATIH with this man will be blessed with a teacher whose heart is wide open and whose depth of understanding gives him the ability to bring this vast body of information down to Earth in a way that will change your life.“

Cal Garrison / Editor in Chief at the ‘Spirit of Ma’at’

“Amun Brown has a perspective and understanding of true spirituality that transcends most of what is available today. His wit, humor and clarity sharply focuses on the essence of what it means to be spiritual in modern times. What he teaches is the purest extract of what has been taught down through the centuries and that is, how to experience the spiritual heights and, most importantly, how to live within them everyday and every moment. by nourishing our inner light and letting it shine to and through others. I strongly urge anyone that has the opportunity to study with, learn from and to, generally be in his presence, to take full advantage. He is a rare talent capable of providing wondrous services and clear direction to unimaginable spiritual heights.“

Dr. Gregory M. Scott / Founder, The Light Givers International Association


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