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Achieving Enlightenment

Drunvalo Melchizedek proposes an integrated form of meditation practice, advocating both novel and ancient approaches to spiritual enlightenment. He contends that meditation is a direct gateway to spiritual ascension and understanding, as it grants one access to the infinite, resourceful storehouse of knowledge in the universe.

 Throughout history, many religious and meditation practices have utilized different vehicles to achieve superior levels of being. To Buddhists, this may be referred to as Buddhahood or Nirvana. To Christians, it is the kingdom of heaven. However you choose to connote this internal paradise, religious practitioners has universally sought methods to surpass their physical circumstances, and enter into a higher state of being.

The Power of Merkaba

Through Mer-ka-ba meditation, one can fully explore the provocative possibilities circulating the human light body and surrounding energy fields. The ancient secret of the meditation practice is that it enables you to penetrate the surrounding Merkaba, a potent field of energy measuring approximately 17 meters. This particular field comprises two simultaneously rotating tetrahedrons, which travel at the speed of light.

 Through intensely focused states of MerKaBa meditation, you can maximize the potential of this surrounding energy field, and you can utilize your human light body in order to translate to elevated states of being. Furthermore, this is an effective means by which you can achieve inter-dimensional travel.

The Power of the Heart

It is believed that the heart is the source of creation, possessing features comparable to that of a chakra. In order to affect change in the physical realm, one must pursue one of two discrete routes: the active, aggressive conscious mind, or the passive, fluid creative properties of the heart.

 While mind manipulation requires a collective conscious awareness of many things, heart based manipulation of the material realm requires only a singular consciousness of the unified togetherness of everything around you.

When you consider the potency of the hearts potential, it becomes evident that a life lead by the heart is one that is replete with contentment and goodness. When you fuse the Merkaba practice with the sacred space of the heart, only then can you be elevated to higher states of being. The heart, inherently, is an unmistakable guide to life, and a Merkaba practice devoid of the heart’s guidance is incomplete.

 How Merkaba Meditation Can Help You

It is absolutely critical that you amplify the connection between your mind, body, heart, and spirit. This is a meditation practice that is not simply passive in nature. It instills you with the capacity to actively alter the world around you. You can surpass the barriers of space and time to achieve higher states of self, and achieve a reality that you never knew was possible. Through this empowerment, you can better cope with life, relationships, and all challenges.

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