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Graduates recommend Amun workshops:

Daniela , Engineer

December 10 2012, Iasi, Romania

My dear Amun, with you I rediscovered the BEAUTY in every human being, in what is behind the masks that mind creates. I gained TRUST in the Self who lives in this body (and in every body). With you I have turned into a big heart and I felt LOVE in every cell. I immersed into the PEACE which acceptance of what is brings and I saw the TRUTH : I (the Self) play this game of evolution in consciousness my own creation. And everything is carried out in perfect HARMONY. This is the GATE you opened for us to pass into another level of consciousness. THANK YOU

Antonian, Physicist

December 10 2012, Iasi, Romania

Thank you for a wonderful experience. May God bless Us!

Anca, Accountant

December 10 2012, Iasi, Romania

A wonderful soul that gave me four wonderful days , that change my existence , now and here on EARTH. I will always be grateful for everything that you have done for my soul

E.C., University student

December 10 2012, Iasi, Romania

Maybe words can’t express this well enough. This workshop is life changing. You will not be the same again. And they’re speaking the TRUTH. Thank you Amun. I am so grateful to you

Lenett, Artist

November 8 2012, Maryland, USA

I was able to heal my body/mind/soul by going deeper into the heart and accessing more love than I could imagine. Through this work, I know that I know I AM whole, healing and healed everyday, under grace and in a perfect way. My gratitude extend to Amun for this most important work he is doing on the planet at this time, facilitating great transformations among those of us who have said YES to experiencing more of Creator’s love. Thanks again and again and again!!!

Maryam, Yoga teacher

October 28 2012, Virginia, USA

Dear Amun, I am so thankful for your presence and appreciative of the time and effort, all in love, that you have taken to share these lifechange teachings. You hold the highest seat of service and I am honoured to be a student of your’s.

Michelle, Reiki practitioner / masseur

April 15 2012, Maryland, USA

Thank you for sharing your spiritual knowledge with us. You will always be in my heart. Love and always from my heart to your heart.

Ayana, clinical social work/ therapist

April 15 2012, Maryland, USA

Thank you for your dedication and passion , for serving the Creator by helping us all to truly awaken! LOVE