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Individual HeartMath Session

Individual HeartMath Session


One of the major benefits of the HeartMath system is its impact on stress and negative emotions. While situations, encounters or events may seem intrinsically “stressful”, it is how an individual perceives and reacts that determines whether of not the stress response is activated. The main limitation or most stress-reduction approaches is that while helpful; they do not target the real source of our stress. Long-term solutions to stress need to involve our body’s hormonal system which is profoundly affected by emotions.

In this one and a half hour session, you learn easy-to-use HeartMath tools and techniques to help you manage and reverse the effects of stress and negative emotions. These tools directly impact your ability to shift perception and reactions to stressful situations in the moment they occur. Over time, as you continue to practice the stress-relief tools and intervene as stress occurs, you keep your body’s youthful hormone levels high and stressful, aging hormone levels low.

Amun’s Individual HeartMath sessions are available on an individual basis or for groups of up to three people at various times to suit your schedule. Interested parties can come to our office in Santa Fe for a 1 ½ hour information session or remotely via Skype.


The information and practice session will include


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