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The planet is changing and new opportunities are being revealed. Humanity’s evolution is upon us and it’s time for you to step beyond the illusions that perpetuate fear, unworthiness, and doubt and limiting ego beliefs and live from your true Self.

In this workshop we will discuss how using HeartMath techniques along with Amun’s experiences can bring insight and a better understanding of yourself, your heart-health connection, and your ability to perform at your best. I look forward to having you join me for this informative and interactive workshop, using the simplest tools:

HeartMath – research explains how the heart plays an extraordinary role in our lives far beyond what is commonly known. Did you know that your heart emits electromagnetic fields that change according to your emotions? Did you know that positive emotions create physiological benefits in your body? Did you know that the heart has a system of neurons that have both short and long term memory, and their signals sent to the brain can affect our emotional experiences?

 Imagery – is when the mind speaking to us in pictures. Like any other languages, it is a language; but a picture language rather than a word language. Imagery conveys the higher wisdom of our minds and longing of our hearts. It is the way the mind speaks or instructs the body, so it is a natural healing modality. The imagery experience comprises what we see, sense, feel, live and know. You may see images in color, black or white or shades of tone. You may feel emotions such as joy or sadness, love or anger. You may physically sense in your body tingling, a rush of energy, constriction or relaxation of muscles. Occasionally you may hear sounds as well. In sum, imagery is the natural and true language of our inner life.

 Benefits of attending the workshop:


 “As a HeartMath certified teacher and practitioner within multiple healing modalities, I believe that the next frontier of human awakening is about understanding how to better use the power of the heart and imagery to enhance the quality of our life experiences, improve health, and ultimately find solutions to personal and societal problems”.

Amun Brown, certified HeartMath Trainer and Coach


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