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The smart body – Innate

Let us first identify Innate: What makes Innate so mysterious is that it is not a brain function. It is also, perhaps, one of the only systems in the body that is not centralized. This is difficult for you to conceive of. This system has not been discovered, so it is also not yet defined in medical science. Yet it has been seen over and over.

What you have in DNA is very difficult to explain. The trillions of DNA molecules in your body are all in communication with each other, all the time. It has to be the way of it, if you consider what DNA does. How does your body know which kind of cell it needs and where it needs it? It is Innate that is responsible for all of that at your birth. The DNA, you might say, is truly an esoteric central control. It is the field around the trillions of pieces of DNA that knows itself as one entity. All the DNA together work as one system through this field, and that one system is called Innate. So you might say that it is the combination of the DNA cells in your body together seen as one thing, which you call the smart body, Innate. It is decentralized. There is no single organ or gland of the body that is responsible for Innate. Every single part of the body is involved in this smart body system.

Now that you know what Innate is, let’s talk about Innate’s programming from the past. In Kryon Book One [1993], I spoke about something that Innate is responsible for. I said, “It’s time to drop your karma.” Karma is energy carried with you as a result of past-life experience, pulled forward through the veil into a reincarnate body. It is an energy of unfinished business. That’s karma. It’s real, and it was needed in an older energy.

It’s in the DNA and Innate governs it. So when I told you to drop your karma, I told you that you must talk to your body and talk to your cells. When you do that, say, “I am done with the energy of the past. I drop my old karma. I move forward.” These were the first instructions you ever had from me about a process that crosses the bridge from the corporeal self to the Innate. We told you to use pure intent.

Innate, as smart as it is, will continue as before until it gets its new instruction. You have got to reprogram Innate, because it has an old energy bias. It has been working with you the same way as long as you’ve been a Human. It was designed to do certain things in a certain way, and it’s time to change that. Your consciousness is the key to change this. It always was and always will be. Your free choice is needed to deprogram what I will call the instruction sets of Innate. So dropping your karma was the first new energy instruction I ever gave you, and now there is another one.

Reprogram the Innate in your body right now! This reprogramming is through your free conscious intent, and it’s not hard. Your consciousness, through pure intent, is the king of body change. You’ve always known you can change your chemistry and heal your body, so talking to Innate is the key.

Old souls of this planet, awaken! Awaken to a new process, and a new kind of life. You can double your lifespan and more! Don’t be afraid of what you see around you. There will be those who don’t agree with any of this, and the result will be that they can’t do it. They don’t understand it. Slowly, as you don’t age as much, the differences between you and them may actually frighten them. It won’t be forever, because there will come a time when all humanity will know what I’m teaching tonight is true.

And so it is.


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