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In addition to setting an intention to awaken to the true Self and practicing meditation, it can be highly beneficial to find ways to remind yourself to tune into your state of consciousness throughout each day. We can lose our perspective of awakening when we interact with other people or have many activities we are participating in.

It can be helpful to refocus ourselves by asking, “Who am I? Am I what I am doing, these thoughts, these emotions, or my body?” We can also say an affirmation such as “I am pure consciousness being expressed through this mind and body.”

Maybe taking a few deep breaths and centering can work for you. Such practices of tuning into the true Self throughout each day helps us to create purposeful lives of continual awakening. What are you waiting for?

Everything exists right at this moment that you need to awaken, and upon awakening, you can perceive the perfection of it all. You can affirm that you will awaken to your true Self at some moment and question when this will be. Will it be right now? Tomorrow? Two years from now? We can be at ease in this affirmation and feel a sense of wonderment at the unfolding of our divine seed of consciousness within.

This is just a simple exercise that is part of the workshop “Peeling the layers of the heart” – PTLH. In my new workshop “Peeling the layers of the heart” I will lead you through simple exercises, meditations that you can apply in your daily life, to reconnect with your true self and maintain a high vibration and connection with the Source. See our upcoming events, to attend the new workshop Peeling the Layers of the Heart. 

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